Huntersglen Angus

Yes, it is me again. I still live with my parents Monica and Craig and a couple of little twin buddies Aidan and Evelyn. They tell me I am almost 5, whatever that means.

Our names are Aidan and Evelyn and we are watching Angus swim.

Baby sitting my butt, I am waiting for "lick ups".

Wonder what we are watching ?

Finally some quiet rime to lay back and relax.







Huntersglen Snoopy

Ok, so it is a little flat but who plays with a football in the Winter anyway?

Maries Liberty Belle (Libby)

(Nova Scotia)

I am a daughter of Huntersglen Kootenai Brown. Just a quick picture of me and my friend.

Huntersglen Mudpie Moonshine (Mudpie)

Yes, it's Mudpie again. I live with the lady that shoots stuff (Deer, Turkeys, etc) Ok, I pointed it, get it a little lower so I can take back to mom.

Cool look.

Tired and trying to get some shut eye.

Guess what, she shot something else. This time I helped.

Hotspur Malaika

I am a daughter of Huntersglen Kootenai Brown. You call me ?

Ok, turn the page.

See I can do this pointing thing if I want to.

Damn, I know it is here somewhere. This white stuff makes it difficult to find stuff.

Hey wait for me, I am coming.

Huntersglen Gauge

My name is Gauge (not sure why but it is a name) and I live with my new parents Laura and Robert. We take some really neat walks but Robert get lost so I have to show him the way.

Hey, Robert this way!

Ok, now this way.

Opps, we are lost.

Dad, it is reallycold out here.

Now this is more like it.

Huntersglen Karma

Yes it me again. I am a little older now and I get to go Fishing (whatever that is) with Dad. Yo Pops where is my coat ?

Well here we are Fishing. Dose not make a lot of sense to me but they seem to be having fun.


Ok, so it is not one of those fancy names but it is mine. I am some kind of relative to those uppity Huntersglen dogs. I live with a person called Kent.

Kent is a nice enough guy but he keeps throwing away perfectly good sticks and I have to go and get them.

Huntersglen Dixie

I live in a place called Sarnia with my mom Gay. Honest mom it was that way I did not do anything.

Yes this is me in "time out". I have to be good for a couple minuets then she forgets an I can sneak out.

Huntersglen Briar Boy

Hi Doris, I am happy at my new home. I am smelling a flower. My name is Huntersglen Brair Boy. I am eating well. I cry sometimes. I have a lot of energy. I always go to the bathroom outside. Yesterday I retrieved a ball several times. I am pretty smart. I will write to you later. Love Brair Boy.


I have a big name too but I don't remember what it is. I am cousin of the Huntersglen dogs. Trying to get a couple of winks.

I am NOT sleeping, I have one eye open.

Huntersglen Night Watch

Ok, that is my 'big name', they also call me Rembrant and Remmi. How is a pup supposed to figure out all this name stuff ? I live with some really nice people called Victoria, Jody, Kieran and Brianna and my new big "brother" Eddie - he's a Jack Russell Terrier.

What if someone sees me in this thing I will never be able to come out again.

Eddie said it would be Ok to chew on the stupid pot.

In 'time out again', I will get even with Eddie.

I told you I would get even, now say Uncle.

Huntersglen Seargent Spencer

That is my 'big name', they also call me Spencer. I live with some really nice people called Lily and David and my new big "sister" Penelope - she's a Black Field Lab.

Ok, snap the picture will you I am getting a kink in my neck.

My spot, find your own.

Hand it over or you loose a leg.

Huntersglen Arkona

What, can't you see I was busy digging a hole.

Huntersglen Buckley

Hey wait up this is a big hill and I have short little puppy legs.

Go away we are sleeping.

Now this is more like it, please get me a cold drink.

Huntersglen Gunther Milo

You kidding, that thing is nearly as big as I am.  Get me a puppy toy.

Whatever it was I did NOT do it.

Huntersglen Hailey

Huntersglen Jager Tyhurst

This is me taking some friends out for a walk when we were camping

Huntersglen Logan

Don't blame me it was already dead. 

Huntersglen Megan

Lunch ready yet ? Well hurry up I am hungry and I am being good.

Huntersglen Millenium Murry

NOT a great picture but hey what the heck I know I look better.

Huntersglen Dakota

I see you looking at me.

This is my new Mom and Dad.

I like Mr. Sun.

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