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Yes Even More Of Our Little GSP Friends

Huntersglen Basil Boyce (Basil)

Damn, I am cute but also "bad to the bone".

This me and my brothers out for a romp before we left Huntersglen.

Huntersglen Timeless Treasure (Taiga)

Ok so it's a Chicken, its already dead and in the oven but I have to help mom keep track of this stuff (she sometimes forgets).

Huntersglen Mudpie Moonshine (Mudpie)

It is a silly name but hey its mine.

This me out hunting at Liz's place. Liz helps me figure out this bird finding stuff at her place in Norwood. If you want to visit take a look at

This is my Mom and HER Deer.  I had NOTHING to do with this one.

This is my Mom and HER Turkey.  I had NOTHING to do with this one either.  That thing is almost as big as me.

Huntersglen Clear The Track (Shack)

I think I was named after some dude that played a game called Hockey. Guess that is why I like the outside.

Oop's, got the old ice on the nose thing.

You nearly finished I am getting a cold butt.

Hey where are you going ?

Hey slow a little will you. I am floating as it is.

This is my Mom. Weird glasses but they match her shirt.

Huntersglen Hanmer Gunner

Do NOT ask me why we are sitting in the water, seems a little silly to me.

Huntersglen Newfoundland Belle

My name is Belle and as you probably guessed I live in Newfoundland.

Just resting, I will move soon.

Huntersglen Millenium Murray

Be good or I will put the eye hex on you to.

Huntersglen Remington Junior

Hey mom throw the BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This me and Doris at Huntersglen.

Just waiting for some trouble to get into.

Huntersglen Brimley Whitby

My name is Brimley Whitby, ya go figure I guess Sam and Jill (dad and mom) could not figure it out or it has something to do with the really neat place we first met.

Huntersglen Karma

Say what ?

You think this looks weird, you should have seen the fun we had getting my head in here.


Well I don't know about this one, it looks different but hey it is someone to play with.

It works for the kids so why not give it a try ?

It has been a long hard day and if Dad would quit snoring a pup could get some real rest.

Huntersglen Chips and Dip (Chip)

Who knows.


Hey it is the name Dad gave me.

Huntersglen Shur Shot Beretta FDJ

I live at a different place now with my friend Cori, we are supposed to be moving to England.


I am Bee's friend Cori.


What do you mean "... get off the couch ..." ?

Huntersglen Millennium Mystic FDJ

I did a  really dumb thing, I jumped through a door and got hurt so bad I nearly died. Mom got me to the hospital in time and the good Doctors patched me up. After a lot of money and time I will be as good as new and a little smarter.

Huntersglen Sir Cocoa Cazador (Cocoa)

The trip to my new home was a little scary but my new Mom is trying to make me feel better.

My first toy.

My new Kids. As you can see I am really hard done by, NOT.

I am a little older now and have everyone well trained.

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