Huntersglen Kennels

Our Little GSP Friends


Huntersglen Eragon

They tell me I having fun "camping out" with mom and dad but it is still a little scary, there are 'things' living out here.

Do I Look like a happy pup to you ?

I even have to sleep on the ground.

Oh well at least Mr Sun is here too.

See that ! The little thing ran right up the tree.

There he is, Dad come and look.

Now this is more like it.

There is something moving in there.

I was intended to float on the water I would have been a Duck.


I do NOT like this. I know sit still and don't rock the boat or you can swim home.

Huntersglen Tasman

My new Dad called Tasman after some famous guy.

What the heck is that ? They did NOT have hard stuff in the middle of the grass back at Huntersglen.

It is a long way back to the door when you have short legs.

Ah, home at last, now if he will stop taking pictures I can get some rest.

What can I say I was tired.


Don't bug me I am just exercising a couple of teeth on this old stick.

This white stuff is not so bad.

Flurries my ass ! Just wait till I see this "weather guy" I will lay a chewing on his ankle.

This sir, is a blizzard, at least down here it is. Dad, get me in I am cold and tired.

Now this is more like it. So what if I did not quite make it to my bed the floor will do.

Ok, now who is sleeping on the floor.

Huntersglen Tess

Hello in there.

Now this is a good place to sit and watch the world go by.

Not a bad place to sleep but he crowds and snores.

Out for a walk with Mom, the Kid and the little Terror.

A little older now and trying to get this Hunting / Pointing thing worked out.

Got this Hunting / Pointing thing down pat now, if someone could just hit the bird we would be fine.

Huntersglen Odin

This eating is such a strain.

A little chilly but it is fun out with the human Kid.

I think Dad is rushing things a little but what the heck I am having fun.

At least I show up and the silly little booties keep my feet from getting hurt.

I like to run and feel the wind in my ears.

I am a damn good looking dog even if I do say so myself.



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