Photos taken by Ralph Reinhold

Animal Photography a Specialty

20 Brimwood Blvd

Unit 14

Scarborough, Ontario

(416) 754-9766


These are some of the pictures Ralph has taken of our dogs at work and play.  I had to chop a few to get them to fit.


My name is CH. Huntersglen Hot Shot Remington FDJ. (Remi for short).

My family history Remington

I don't mind getting my picture taken but I also don't like to stay still when there is fun to be had.

There, see what you did, we waited so long the stupid bird took off going that way.

My name is CH. Huntersglen Trooper FD.

My family history Trooper

I am about as old as dirt but still know what to do.  I won a Chukar shoot last year and if someone could actually shoot the stupid bird I would have won twice (we came in second).

I know this is just for fun but the bird is right there.

Don't believe me, follow my nose, it is right there.

Right, this where she throws away a perfectly good dummy and expects me to go and get it, right.  I will let the younger ones do that stuff, I will just watch.

My name is Huntersglen Shur Shot Beretta FDJ.

My family history Beretta

Trooper can stand and watch if he wants but I love to retrieve that stupid dummy thing (or for that matter I will retrieve almost anything).

Ok, this is where I watch where it goes.

I like the swimming part.

This picture was selected for the 2002 German Shorthaired Pointers Calendar.

A little wet but a good shake (all over Doris and Ralph) will fix that little problem.

Now for the sprint home to Doris.

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