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Our Little GSP Friends

Huntersglen Briar 'N Bramble

Hi, my name is Briar, I am a liver / ticked male living with my mom and dad in New Brunswick, Canada

Picture supplied by my mom, Kathy Beaton


This is my friend Peper explaining the house rules (the ones I plan on ignoring).

Huntersglen Grundig

Hi, my name is Grundig, I am a liver / ticked male living with my mom and dad in New Brunswick, Canada. Pictures supplied by my mom, Jodi

 Just thinking about chasing the cat

 Yet another hard day being a Pup

 Don't laugh it was cold

Honalee Huntersglen Victoria (Vicki)

Hi, my name is Vicky, I am a liver / ticked female living with my new mom and dad at Huntersglen. Pictures supplied by my first mom, Julie Hurtabese

 Excuse my butt, I think the bird went in there. Then again, what do I know I am only eight weeks old

Huntersglen Sassy Taci

I am just called Cassie.

I was originally going to be a "Bomb Dog" (I find em and they fix em) but it was just too boring for an energetic Shorthair so I "flunked out". I am now having a great time living with Irving and Catherine.

This is me taking Irving (the one with no head) for a walk (he needs the exercise).

My name is Huntersglen Shelby Boss

Shelby for short.

I live in British Colombia with my adopted family.

This is me (the brown blob in the middle) allowing a couple of my small friends (Madison and Keegan) to share my bed.

This is my next favourite spot.

Quillspoint Huntersglen Dexter (Dexter)

Here I am out with a walk with my dad Stuart when all of a sudden there it is.  I am not sure what, but I best point it out to him (he is not good at finding stuff).

Now he is just showing off.  Here I am trying to point something out to him and all he wants to do is take pictures.  Parents are such a pain in the tail.

Huntersglen Sir Casey Buckshot (CASEY)

That name is just to big for a little pup so they just call me I think my Casey.

I was born at Huntersglen in Little Britain, Ontario on 22 January 2001. I moved to my new home in Kingston, Ontario on 31 March 2001. I am going to be living with Dr. Murrr (or so his license plate says).

New parents, they are such a pain in the tail, I can't even have lunch without them taking my picture.

Yup, that's me just relaxing on my cushion between races around the house.

Just playing dad, I really won't eat it (at least now with you looking)


I am one of Casey's sisters. Here I am at my new home. I am a little sad because I can't find my other sisters.

This is my mom, Jane trying to make me feel better.

Deja Vu

I am also one of Casey's sisters. I live in Wembley Alberta with my new mom Leah.

I like to sit on on one step with my feet on the next one down. I can see everything and I am only a hop away from being able to chase anything that needs chasing.


You guessed it, I am one of Casey's sisters also. I live in Shatford PEI with my new parents Karen and Chris.

This is me with one of my Teddies. I like to sit up here, but for some reason they keep telling me to get off (and me being a 'good' little GSP I listen, NOT).


This is my other favorite spot. This my collection of socks and toys. Dad keeps leaving things laying around so I pick it up for him. Sometimes he actually gets them back.


I am also one of Casey's sisters. I live with my new parents Tara and Jake in Toronto.  We go to someplace they call 'the cottage' as often as possible, it is a LOT more fun there.

I was just clearing a spot to lay down and it got a little out of control..

Now I am in something Tara called "time out" (aka sit still, be good, don't get into any more trouble for at least for a couple of minuets). If I put on my 'sad puppy look' she will cave in quickly and I can get back at it.

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