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Still More Of Our Little GSP Friends

Huntersglen Woodland Rush

Yup, that is right its Bruce (the good looking Shorthair) and Jake from Marmora again. We have a new little friend we call Saggy Pants.

Jake, you keep a look out for mom while Saggy Pants and I check this stash out.

Hey Saggy Pants, the good stuff is down here.

That looks good, wonder what it was. 

Bruce, Saggy Pants nix it Mom is here.

Thanks Jake, but it is a little late now, you were supposed to give some time to clear out.

Oops Dad is home. Jake, just remember it was all Saggy Pant's idea.

Huntersglen Beeker Kupecz (Beeker)

We live in a place called Napanee.

Huntersglen Stella (Stella)

I live in someplace called Nanoose Bay, British Columbia with my new parents Joanne and Allan. It was a long scary trip but Joanne fixed that.

Huntersglen Jacob Hunter (Jake)

Hi, they call me Jake but it is a name I can ignore easily. 

Ok, where is the rest of the bird ?

Get with it I have better things to do.

Hello in there.

Hey don't forget me. I will be big someday and then look out.

This white stuff is neat.

What the Hell happened ?  Damn that is cold on the old toes.

Hey, I am a tough Shorthair I can take it.

Hey wait for me, remember it was me that fell into the cold stuff.

Huntersglen Ellie Mae Geraghty (Ellie)

I live with my new little two legged friend called Logan some where in New Brunswick.

I was scared Doris (at Huntersglen) would be worried about me so I got my new Mom, Starr to send her an E-Mail for me (My feet are too big for the keys). 

"Hi Doris

Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing fine....I'm not being a problem at all....they just love me so much.....tell Mom not to worry about me!!!!!


I wonder which one(s) are mine ? Maybe I should just grab and run.

This is my buddy Logan. He makes a good pillow.

Come on guys, this stuff is cold on the toes.

Oh man this is boring.  Yup I am sleeping sitting up.  Logan won't notice.

This is a great spot to watch stuff go by.

Just hanging out in the back yard.

Huntersglen Dixie Bell (Dixie)

Mom, stop squeezing I am too warm and my new parents John and Deb are here and I have to look good and be on my best behaviour.

Great, she squeezes me and John wants me to drive, this is going to be difficult as I am still too short to reach the peddles.

That is my big Brother Ozzie, he is trying to figure me out. 

Ok, enough is enough; the bed is mine go find somewhere else to crash.

Huntersglen Miss Mocha

My name is Mocha, the snuggler.

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