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More Of Our Little GSP Friends

Huntersglen Arctic Willow

Hi, my name is also Willow, I am a liver / ticked female living with Jennifer and Stacey near some place called Ottawa. I am another sister of Molly, Cassey, Ivy, Deja Vu, the other Willow and Denny.

They sure like to play with the digital camera and I am so good looking I don't mind at all, as long as they are quick about it so I can get back to chasing something. I also like swimming in the river.


This is my older buddy, Maple. She was here first but I am planning on taking over soon.  I let her play ball with me.  She does not like to give it back so I have to keep a close watch to see where she left it.

Huntersglen Sarah

I live with Ron and Betty on the Queen Charlotte Islands which is off the coast of British Columbia.  It took me a long time to get here and it was a little scary. You better hurry up with the picture taking, I can feel a roll in the grass coming on.

Told ya. Here the grass is green not like that brown Ontario stuff.

Huntersglen Sir Casey Buckshot (CASEY)

I am living with Dr. Murrr (or so his license plate says) in Kingston, Ontario.  I have been here about a year and I almost have the Doctor trained. I even let him sit on my couch sometimes.  My baby pictures are in the Little Friends section.

From here I can just sit and watch what is going on.  It is also good for a quick get away.

Here is my friend Tigger.  We hang out looking for some kind of trouble to get into.

Well as you can see Tigger runs out of steam before a GSP.


I am one of Casey's sisters. Jane (Jane is my mom) come here and look at this.  There is a bee sitting on your flower ?  My baby pictures are in the Little Friends section.

Huntersglen Millennium Mystic FDJ

I live with my new Mom Judy in London Ontario. Here I am practicing for the show ring.  Not a lot of fun but it makes my mom happy.

Huntersglen Grundig

Yup, that was me in the Little Friends section, now I am all grown up.  I still like to just hang around and look at stuff.  This chair is a good spot.  For some reason my mom, Jodi calls me either Wiggles or Digger.

Grandpoint Blazing Beckett

I am a distant cousin (or something) to the Huntersglen Dogs.  My first parents were Jennifer and Brent. I now have new parents and the call me Blaze.

My favorite hiding spots, in mom's flowers.


Whoops I was spotted. I'm outta here.


This is my Dad and his new arrival.  Got room for one more ??

Huntersglen Angus

I live with my new parents Monica and Craig in Ajax Ontario. I really like this camping stuff. Dad gave me some of his "fuzzy water".  He likes it but it just makes me sleepy.  I am working on my Field Dog Junior (two of three legs completed).

Huntersglen Woodland Rush

I live with my new parents Gail and John in Marmora Ontario. They call me Bruce (go figure eh).  I just got here and things are a little scary but my new friend Jake the Lab said he would show me the 'ropes'.  Don't ask me why I want to look at ropes, I am only eight or nine weeks old I would much rather be looking at lunch.

Speaking of lunch, don't forget me !

According to Jake, this some kind of custom that is required of all Shorthairs.  He called it "Eating Dad's Slipper".  That's Dad watching.  He does not seem to mind, so far, so I guess it is Ok. He has to be careful in the cold weather because some of his coat 'fell out'.

I am just trying to show Jake I can be a 'big' dog.

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