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Even More Of Our Little GSP Friends

Huntersglen Mountain Millie (Millie)

Hi, my name is Millie, I am a liver / ticked female living with my Mom, Michelle in Thunder Bay. Ok, mom it is time to go for a walk.

Hey, Michelle take a look at this it's Ok. She is scared of stuff so I have to check things out first.

Huntersglen Darcy Greyboy (Grey)

Hi, my name is Gray, I am a liver / ticked pup living with my Mom Martine. Excuse moi, Mom, I am an English speaking pup I am still learning French could you say that again and a little slower.

Damn, missed the stupid blanket again.

Konin Crocco

They are still working on my "fancy" name. I live with my new parents Frank and Beth. I was born in March 2003.  My dad is CAN CH Huntersglen Kootenai Brown FDJ (Huntersglen Stud Dogs) and Honalee's Diana The Huntress.

This is me at 10 weeks practicing my pointing.  When I get big I can go out hunting with Frank.

This is me just being a GSP pup and terrorizing the flowers.

Daisy and Hudson

They are still working on our "fancy" names. We live with my new parents Rob and Kelly and their other kids Matt & Brett.

Daisy (aka Digger) on the left, is the troublemaker of the two of us. I just like to check stuff out and bark at what needs barking at. We like to hang out together and do almost everything together.

Huntersglen Hamer's Jazzman (Jack)

Your guess is as good as mine as to how they got Jack out of my "fancy" name. I live with my new Dad, Keith.

Well I guess Dad goofed, this thing is as big as me.

Ok Dad, here is one shoe. I don't remember where I put the other one, sorry.

Yup that is me, "Jack Flash".

Huntersglen Manitoba Hunter (Hunter)

I live with my new parents Craig and Elaine. You guessed it, I live in a place called Manitoba.


Do NOT ask me what we are doing out here. Those "bird things" are bigger than I am.

Yo mum, I think my blanket is dry.

I know I got other toys, but that one is my favorite.

The legs belong to Mom, She is really tall.

What ?  Its my toy and I will do what I want with it.

I am nearly all grown up now.  Got my own bed too.

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