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Some Pictures of Our Dogs In Hunting Situations

CH Our Aquarius of Huntersglen FD CD

He was my friend.


Huntersglen Regal Riggs FD 

Here I am out hunting with my Dad Dave.

That's me, Riggs, up to my tail in long grass looking for the stupid Pheasant while he just watches.

There he is.  Hey Dave, get ready.

Great, he missed.  You see any feathers, I don't.  Oh well there will be another one.

This is what I look like when I am not up to the end of my tail in grass.

Huntersglen Millenium Legacy (Holly)

Here I am out with my Mom, Nancibeth Koutstaal of Legacy Kennels doing some bird training.


Huntersglen Morgan Marshall FDJ

I live with my new Dad Neil. I also spend a lot of quality time with my trainer Mr. Bob Showers (aka I get to travel all over Canada and the U.S.A. going to these really neat Field Trials.  I do pretty well also. 

Whoa, there is something right over there.

Neil, right there.  Now it is your turn, I did my part.

Huntersglen Angus

I live with my new parents Monica and Craig in Ajax Ontario. I am also in More Little Friends.  I am the one with the can of 'Fuzzy Water'.  This is me out hunting with some friends.  Dad is the one with the funny hat.

Ok, you wait here, I will check this out.  He makes so much noise I can never find anything.

Ok, so it's not a Pheasant but is something to eat and Dad even managed to hit it.

Ok, enough is enough I am getting cold, lets go in and have a 'Fuzzy Water'.

CAN CH Huntersglen Iceman At Maries (Ice)

I live with my new parents Fred and Marie Cook in Nova Scotia. I was one year old in May 2003.  My dad and mom are CAN CH Huntersglen Hotshot Remington FDJ (Huntersglen Stud Dogs) and Huntersglen Limited Edition.

This is me out finding those stupid little birds that keep getting lost. Dad keeps getting me to find them, I guess they can't find their way home, otherwise why would Dad keep getting me to find them.

Huntersglen Lil'Briton At Maries (Brit)

I also live with my new parents Fred and Marie Cook in Nova Scotia. I was one year old in May 2003.  My Dad and mom are CAN CH Huntersglen Kootenai Brown FDJ and Huntersglen Hotshot Beretta FDJ.

This is me out training so I can help Ice find birds.

Huntersglen Mick Jaeger (Mick)

I am named after an English dude by the same name. I live a place called Halifax with Doug and Norma.

Here I am up to my bare tummy in cold water picking up this stupid bird, it tastes terrible but Dad thinks this is fun.

I bet if I hid that long thing that makes all the noise I would not have to do this retrieving thing.

Huntersglen Cato

Here are some pictures of Dennis and I out hunting.

I find them!

Dennis shoots them!

Then I get to bring them back (Dennis can't find them as well as I can).

Huntersglen Patch

I live with Steve in Saskatchewan. We go to someplace called Montana to hunt birds. Don't ask me why, I just go along and have fun.


Hurry up it is cold on the toes.

Huntersglen Jasper Peart

According to my dad, John Peart "...Jasper had 200+ birds shot over her point each of those years and pointed up into the thousands (lots of hens)...".

Hey, what can I say when you are good you are good.

My brother Huntersglen Kootenai Brown still lives at Huntersglen.

Honalee's Konin Crocco FDJ

Hey Beth, over here.

Ok, Beth remember what I told you, wait till it gets out a bit, aim, pull trigger, do the little happy jump up and down thing and then I will go and get the bird.

This is my dad Frankie.

Yup, they look fine, pop them into the oven.

Sorry about the focus but Dad was a little excited.


Ok so it is not exactly a "Hunting Picture" but try and get out without Rudy the gun dog.

Hotspur Malaika

I am a daughter of Huntersglen Kootenai Brown. 

Yo Dad, there is the little sucker way out there.

This little Duck sure can swim. Dad, try and keep up.

Dad, here he is.

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