Huntersglen Kennels

Stud Dogs


We are available, as long as our Mom (Doris) approves of the Bitch.


My name is CDN CH. Huntersglen Hot Shot Remington FDJ. (Remi for short)

My family pedigree Remington


My name is CDN CH. Huntersglen Trigger FD (Trigger)

My family pedigree Trigger


My name is CAN CH. Huntersglen Kootenai Brown FDJ (Koot)

My family pedigree Kootenai


My name is Huntersglen Franklin (Frank)

I don't have any of those 'initials' in front of, or behind my name yet.  If my owners would get it together and take a decent picture, you could see I am a Ticked male.  When we have a picture it will be added but if you click Frank then you can see my family pedigree.


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